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We make renting safe and easy

Smart tools for the busy tenant

Our mission is to save you time and worries, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: to enjoy your new home.

We offer practical online tools which enable you to log in and access your rental agreement, payments, documents, images and more - no matter where you are.


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What tenants say about LEJKA

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It’s super cool to have everything in one place. Now I know where to find my tenancy agreement, and I can keep an eye on the monthly payments. My landlord has protected the deposit with LEJKA, so we can ask them how to handle the deposit correctly when I move out.

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I really can’t be bothered with boring paperwork. I want things to be quick and easy. My landlord has started using LEJKA, and now I have total control of my tenancy agreement etc. I’m an “online person” who likes to have everything stored in the cloud - so I really love this!

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As a student, I was lucky to find a nice room in central Copenhagen. The landlord was super friendly, but we both had a hard time getting our heads around the tenancy agreement and deposit. One of my friends mentioned LEJKA, and now everything is totally organised.

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I’ve had mixed experiences with all the legal stuff in the tenancy relationship. It’s not fun to waste time on that kind of hassle when you also need to fokus on work and friends. Now I can rest assured that everything is handled correctly. LEJKA is easy, smart and safe.

LEJKAs services

LEJKA is offering relevant tools for you to use as a tenant. At LEJKA.dk, you will have an overview of your tenancy, including:

  • Lease contract.
  • Protection of your deposit.
  • Rental payments.
  • Legal advice.
  • Move-in and move-out reports.
  • Background check of landlord.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution..
  • Automatic termination notice.
  • Help finding a home. 

Learn about some of the options in the video above.

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Manage your tenancy online

Free storage of documents and images

When you manage your tenancy with us, you can upload and share files and images. It’s safe and easy, and you can even share move-in report and other important documents.

Create a free account today and ask your landlord to do the same. Then you can both start using all our smart online tools.


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Avoid spending time getting to know the tenancy law

As a tenant, it can be a jungle trying to navigate in the tenancy law

Fear not - you don't have to! LEJKA offers free legal advice. Then you avoid reading complicated legal texts during your tenancy.

On top of that, we offer easy and user-friendly administration, so that you are always able to check the details of your tenancy.


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