LEJKA is 100% free

We protect the deposit, and you get free access to all our services and tools.

Service Price
Protection of deposit 0 kr.
Legal advice 0 kr.
Storage of documents 0 kr.
Storage of images 0 kr.
Digital tenancy agreement 0 kr.
Background check of landlord 0 kr.
Rental payment administration 0 kr.
Guides, checklists and templates 0 kr.
Fast and fair dispute resolution 0 kr.
Support seven days a week 0 kr.

All LEJKA’s services are free for our users as long as we protect the deposit and prepaid rent during the tenancy period. The money is securely invested and enables us to offer our platform free of charge. We guarantee that the funds are kept safely and are ready for disbursement whenever landlord and tenant terminate the tenancy. The money is insured by Nordea, and LEJKA is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Sign up for a free account today and get access to our advice and tools. You are also welcome to get in touch via email or phone if you have any queries or want to know more about the advantages of using LEJKA. We look forward to hearing from you!