Preparation of allonge

Are you in the middle of a tenancy, and need to add something to your lease contract? LEJKA offers allonges prepared by our lawyers.

✔ Allonge prepared by lawyer

✔ Avoid mistakes

✔ Comply with the law

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What is an allonge?

An allonge is a seperate supplement to an already existing lease contract. You can use allonges to inform about special or changed terms. An allonge is often created when one person is leaving the tenancy, if there are more tenants. (could be a breakup or other circumstances, that requires one party to be removed from the contract.). An increase in rent and extension of a time-limited lease, is also common reasons that could require an allonge. Allonges makes it possible to change terms, without creating a new contract.

The allonge must comply with the tenancy law!

An allonge is a seperate supplement, but it still needs to comply with the tenancy law. If it contradicts the tenancy law, the allonge will be invalid. Therefor, it would be a good idea to be assisted by a lawyer.

I've made a mistake, can i change it?

You are able to change mistakes you've made in an allonge, but in order to do so, you need to create a new allonge on top of the other.


The allonge is created seperately from the lease contract, but it's still considered a part of the lease contract. This means, that if you want to terminate your lease contract, the allonge will also be terminated, and vice versa. If you regret your allonge, the whole lease contract needs to be terminated in order to terminate the allonge.

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