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If you disagree about repayment of the deposit at the end of the tenancy, our experts are available with help and advice. We make a fast, fair and impartial decision based on the supplied documentation - and when you use LEJKA, it’s totally free. Sign up today and enjoy all the benefits


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LEJKA has teamed up with Bliv Enige

Vibe Arp-Hansen, conflict mediator

Bliv Enige and Vibe Arp-Hansen offer efficient and focused conflict resolution and mediation with the aim of helping tenants and landlords reach a satisfactory solution for both parties. We're very pleased to offer this service to our users.

Dispute resolution is free for all users of LEJKA.


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Conflicts can't always be avoided

Conflicts between landlords and tenants usually occur at the end of the tenancy, when the deposit needs to be distributed. That is why LEJKA offers a quick, impartial and free dispute resolution.

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Avoid conflicts!

In order to reduce the chance of any conflicts, it's always important to have your lease contract reviewed by one of our professionals, before the tenancy starts. It is also important to make a move-in report, that will be able to document the condition of the property before the tenancy start. A great start of the tenancy, can be the key to reducing problems in the end of the tenancy.

Click here to create a free digital lease contract.

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What and why?

What is dispute resolution?

Conflicts is a part of life, and occur because people have different opinions and perceptions of their surroundings.

Dispute resolution, also known as mediation, is about you trying to find a permanent solution to your conflict that both sides is satisfied with, throug a structured mediation process, and with the help of a conflict mediator.

The mediation used is that you as parties to the conflict will be at the center, while our task will be to help and guide you towards a solution.

Why use dispute resolution?

Through dispute resolution/mediation, you will be able to find a good and permanent solution to your conflict, rather than having The Rent Assessment Committee make a decision. A case in The Rent Assessment Committee can tak a long time, sometimes even up to 2 years - at LEJKA vi offer a solution in just 30 days.

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