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Get a new commercial lease

Whether your company is new or well established, it's often run through rental properites. The commercial lease is a very important part for your company. Through corporate law, both sides basically has freedom of contract. If there is no agreement, you will have rights and obligations through the commercial lease act. The tenancy law has some mandatory provisions.

The commercial lease and the commercial lease act, is crucial when your company is entering into a new commercial lease. 

The benefits from a commercial lease contract

The company premises are very important for the company itself. For example for a shop where the location is a big part of the shops foundation, the leased property will be important for the existential basis of the company. Whether it's a shop, an office or other forms of leased properties, it is important for your company to know what you want in your lease contract, for the best possible outcome. 

If your company does not enter into a written commercial lease, the lease will be based only upon the spoken agreement, as well as the commercial lease acts applicable rules. A spoken agreement is often unclear and almost impossible to document, which is why it's very important to have a commerical lease done. 


Important factors

To create a good lease contract, it will be important to consider these factors.

  1. Who are the ones involved (landlord and tenant)
  2. Which rooms and areas is included in the lease
  3. Takeover and start of lease, and end and termination
  4. Compensation in the event of termination
  5. Rent amount and deposit
  6. Adjustment of the rent - the market rent, changes in terms, price index and Other expenses
  7. VAT
  8. Occupationally protected
  9. Use of the lease
  10. Maintenance obligation
  11. Condition of the lease at the start and end
  12. Changes to the lease
  13. Right of relinquishment and right of re-entry
  14. Sublease rights
  15. The right to use signs on the property
  16. Competitive conditions

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