Things you should know about move-in inspections and reports

With move-in inspections and reports, most conflicts can be avoided between landlords and tenants. That is why, LEJKA provides good advice and a free digital move-in report. Check out our advice!

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Move-in inspections and move-in reports - why?

It's important to determine and document the condition of a property when moving in - it applies to both the tenant and landlord. By documenting it, both sides avoid to prove the condtion later on, in case of a conflict - which could be years later. Documentation makes it easier to distribute the depsosit when moving out. With a move-in report, lots of conflicts can be avoided!

What is a move-in report?

A move in report is a legal binding document between the landlord and tenant, which documents the condition of the property when moving in. For example, the report will state if the property is freshly painted. If damages damages occur to the property, it can be proved with the move-in report. By documenting the condition, landlords and tenants can easily avoid conflicts, and spend their time on something else. At LEJKA we know, that disagreements like these can end up in court, which can be very expensive and a slow process. If you remember to create a move-in report, disagreements can be avoided.

3 good tips for a move-in report

  1. TAKE PRICTURES! Document the condition of the property.
  2. BE THOROUGH! Describe the property with details.
  3. USE LEJKA! We offer a genius, free and digital move-in report, which can be completed during the move-in inspection. Read more about the move-in report here, or at the bottom of the article.


Checklist for move-in reports

Knowing what to notice during a move-in inspection can be difficult and people often tend to miss details. With LEJKAs digital move-in report, we've made sure to catch all the details. In this article, we have completed a checklist with things you need to take into account during a move-in inspection.


  • Take pictures of walls
  • Take pictures of ceilings
  • Take pictures of tiles
  • Take pictures of the toilet
  • Take pictures of the sink (+ check tightness of the sink)
  • Take pictures of the shower fixture (+check function)
  • Take pictures of windows (+check density of windows)
  • Take pictures of power outlets (+check function)
  • Take pictures of radiators (+check function)
  • Take pictures of kitchen inventory (+check function)
  • Take pictures of balcony (+check condition)

Whats a move-in inspection?

If you have more than one tenancy, you're obligated to have a move-in inspection in which the future tenant has to be convened, according to the danish tenancy laws §9. However, a move-in inspection and report is recommended all tenancies. The process creates dialogue and an overview for the landlord and tenant, which is a great starting point in avoiding conflicts later in the tenancy.

If the landlord decides to have the move-in inspection alone, and complete the move-in report alone, the report has to be in the hands of the tenant within 14 days (NB. It has to be delivered before the tenant is moving in). The report has to be sent in a digital version, and the tenant has to acknowledge in writing, that the report has been received. This can be done by sending an e-mail. LEJKA makes it easy to follow the rules (In The Tenancy Law §9), with a digital move-in report that is available for both landlords and tenants on The report is signed by the landlord an tenant using NemID. Read more here or at the bottom of the article. 

14-day deadline

When the tenant signs the move-in report, it's just a signature for having received the report. The tenant doesn't have to agree to the report to sign. After moving in, the tenant has 14 days to make objections. If the tenant discovers defects or other things that is relevant, and does not appear in the report, these have to be documented and send digitally to the landlord within 14 days. 

Why use LEJKAs moe-in report?

LEJKA has made it easy, safe and free to create a digital move-in report. The report can be completed duuring the move-in inspection, either by phone, tablet or computer, so you can document the conditon easily. 15 minutes is all it takes!

How do i do it?

Just follow our online form and fill out the blanks as describes in the form. You can see an example of a completed move-in report here.

It's important to fill out all the blanks, and remember to take pictures of the condition of the property. Then you can be certain that you dont miss anything in the report. After completing, the document is sent via NemID to be signed. When the landlord and tenant have signed, the report will be available for both sides at Mit LEJKA, along with all of our other smart online tools.