What is LEJKA?

LEJKA brings landlords and tenants together on a free online platform which helps organise the tenancy relationship, including digital tenancy agreement, move-in report, rental payments, legal advice and much more.

Every year, more than 5,000 cases end up in the Rent Assessment Committee. Only half of all tenancies have a move-in report, and 40 percent experience legal disputes. Not to mention the precious time you waste on administration.

If you want to save time, money and worries, LEJKA is the perfect choice - and it’s even free!


How can it be free?

All LEJKA’s services are 100 percent free when you protect the deposit with us during the tenancy.

We invest a part of the funds, and the remainder is kept securely at Nordea Bank.

That’s how we can offer a platform which is absolutely free of change for you.

How is the deposit secured?

We guarantee that none of our users risk losing their money.

LEJKA always keeps a part of the protected deposits in cash, and the invested funds are covered by a guarantee through Nordea Bank. This means that all users can ask for their deposit to be repaid at any time, totally risk free.

Is LEJKA both for landlords and tenants?

Yes, LEJKA is a platform for both the landlords and the tentants.

LEJKA is a platform that helps both landlords and tentants with their tenancy. We are a neutral platform, that makes it easier for all parties involved. Our mission is to make sure that everything is done correctly, and fewer cases end up at the Rent Assessment Committee. 

Protection of your deposit

LEJKA is protecting your deposit and provides legal advice in case of inconsistecies regarding your tenancy. We handle the practical work regarding the tenancy and the lease, and we administrate both the landlords and the tenants interests. By doing this, we can make sure that everything is correct, and that you can spend time on something you like.  

Thousands of cases end up at the Rent Assessment Committee each year. Our mission is to help people with their tenancies, so fewer cases end up at the Rent Assessment Committee. Protect your deposit at LEJKA, and get the full access to our platform, so you can get the best lease, legal advice if needed and alot more.

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Why are we named LEJKA?

We have multiple reasons to be named LEJKA.

LEJKA is a composition of the two danish words "leje" which means rent, and "kan" which means can. The name was chosen becasue we bring landlords and tenants together, and we can help with your tenancy. Our goal with LEJKA, is to simplify the process of tenancies, which is the reason why we created this platform. LEJKA is your personal rental assitant. 

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