Our partners

LEJKA is cooperating with authorities and leading bank and law firms, to make sure we give our users the best and safest service.


It's our priority to make sure that you feel safe, when you choose to protect your deposit at LEJKA. We are approved by The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet), as impartial and independent financial advisors, as well as home loan intermediaries, which means we are liability insured, the management is approved and that we have business procedures within every important areas.

Bech-Bruun law firm is one of Denmarks largest law firms, counting over 500 lawyers and caseworkers. The company has existed for more than 147 years, and is advising within all areas of the corporate law for. Bech-Bruun is advising national and international organizations, authorities and companies. The company has departments in Copenhagen and Aarhus, as well as Shanghai. 
Nordea is a leading financial group and one of the largest banks in Europe. Nordea is offering different variations of banking services, and the company has assets which is about 554,8 billion euro. The bank is present in 19 countries and is one of the 10 leading banks i Europe, measured by market value. Nordea is listed on the stock exchanges in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, and they are one of the few European banks with an AA-rating.

Other partners

We strive to guide you all the way through your tenancy, which is why we have chosen to cooperate with companies that we know will walk the extra mile, to secure the best service in their field.








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