Frequently asked questions

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What is LEJKA?

LEJKA is a free online platform which helps landlords and tenants with a safe and simple way of handling all aspects of the tenancy relationship correctly, including deposit, legal issues, move-in and move-out reports, rental payments, tenancy agreement and document sharing. We also offer free, fast and impartial dispute resolution if you encounter any disagreements about the deposit at the end of the tenancy. At we publish a wide range of articles with tips, checklists and advice about property rentals.

What is LEJKA’s vision?

Our vision is to make renting and renting out safe and transparent in order to secure a problem-free tenancy relationship.

LEJKA brings landlords and tenants together, and we help both parties with help and advice.

“During my career as a lawyer, I have met landlords and tenants who were misled or swindled. I want to change that. We have therefore created a secure platform which organises the tenancy relationship and builds a safe and practical bridge between landlord and tenant. By protecting the deposit, both parties can rest assured that the money is always available for payout,” says Jan Blicher Grunnet, CEO and founder of LEJKA.

What is LEJKA’s mission?

We have built a secure platform where landlords and tenants can get help with all the questions and challenges they face in a tenancy relationship. We offer help and advice in the form of guides and online articles about rental issues. When the parties enter into a tenancy agreement, we help them through the process with forms, guides and checklists, and they can easily create and share digital tenancy agreement, reports, images etc. online. Every month, we make sure that the rent has been paid - otherwise we will automatically send a reminder.

Who is behind the company?

LEJKA ApS was founded by lawyer and entrepreneur Jan Blicher Grunnet who also owns the law firm Cortek Law. Through his work, he has gained solid knowledge of the countless challenges and pitfalls faced by landlords and tenants. The team consists of experienced IT architects, management consultants, business developers and other skilled professionals. The board includes members from The Danish Ministry of Justice, Implement Consulting Group, Danske Bank and the law firm Bech-Bruun.

Is LEJKA for both commercial and private landlords?

LEJKA is mainly focused on private landlords who rent out houses, flats or rooms - no matter if it’s a single room or a larger property with several tenancies. However, users who rent or rent out commercial properties are more than welcome to use our platform.

Which tools do you offer at

Safe protection of the deposit is at the core of LEJKA. When we protect the deposit, landlords and tenants can access all our online tools free of charge. These include digital tenancy agreement, move-in report, sharing of documents and images, automatic reminders, overview of rental payments and more. All these tools are accessible via

Am I forced to manage my rental payments, contracts etc. via LEJKA?

No, this is absolutely optional. Protection of the deposit during the tenancy period is the only requirement to use our platform. All the tools and services can be used if desired.

Are there any similar platforms in Denmark?

A few other companies offer similar services - but LEJKA is the only impartial and absolutely free platform which accommodates both landlords and tenants. We’re the first of our kind in Denmark offering digital tenancy agreements, move-in and move-out reports, rental payments and secure protection of the deposit on a single convenient platform. At the same time we provide help and legal advice to all our users. We don’t take sides. Instead, we’re bridging the gap between landlords and tenants.

Why should I use LEJKA as a landlord?

As a landlord, you can easily and safely open a free account at and manage your tenancy or tenancies in one place. When a tenant is associated with the tenancy, they can log in and access your shared information and documents, including tenancy agreement, information about rent and deposit, payments, documents and more. At My LEJKA, you can follow the monthly rental payments, activate reminders and receive confirmation when the rent has been paid. You can also upload move-in and move-out reports, images and other important files associated with the tenancy and share them with your tenant.

Why should I use LEJKA as a tenant?

As a tenant, you can log into My LEJKA and find the tenancy agreement and other details about the tenancy, including monthly rent, prepaid rent, deposit and your landlord’s contact details. You can also access or add move-in and move-out reports and related images, which are valuable when you want to document the state of the property at the end of the tenancy. Because LEJKA protects the deposit, you can rest assured that your landlord doesn’t withhold it unrightfully. If your landlord lays claim to the deposit (or some of it) due to damages or neglect, we will use the move-in report to determine whether this is justified. Otherwise, you will receive your entire deposit back.

Isn’t LEJKA just an unnecessary intermediary?

There are countless examples of problems before, during and after a tenancy relationship. Very often this is caused by poorly drafted contracts, missing or late payments, problems with the deposit or simply bad communication between landlord and tenant. LEJKA brings landlords and tenants together and ensures ideal conditions during the entire tenancy period - easy, safe and free.

Why can’t landlords and tenants arrange things themselves?

Renting out a room or a property can be time consuming and troublesome - not least if you’ve never done it before. But even experienced landlords can benefit from using LEJKA. Many have doubts about how to draft a tenancy contract, charge rent or handle the deposit correctly. As a tenant, there’s a risk of losing the deposit at the end of the tenancy in case of disagreements with the landlord. That’s why it’s beneficial for both parties to connect and arrange everything in an orderly fashion on a safe and automated platform.

Does LEJKA have an app for mobile and tablet?

For the time being, LEJKA is available via web browser at Our website is optimised for mobile devices (phone and tablet) and we’re in the process of developing an app for iOS and Android.

How big is the rental market in Denmark?

Almost 2.5 million Danes currently rent their homes, and the number of rentals has increased significantly from 978,000 in 2010 to approx. 1.3 million in 2020 (source: Danmarks Statistik).

What is LEJKA’s business model?

Our business model is based on investing a part of the protected deposits which are kept during the tenancy period. In return for this, we offer a convenient and safe platform as well as dispute resolution free of charge for our users. The funds are invested safely, and we guarantee that it’s always possible to get back the deposit - even with short notice.

Are tenants better or worse off in Denmark than in other countries?

In Britain and other countries, it has been mandatory by law for several years to protect the deposit on a government approved platform. The reason for this is the fact that many tenants struggle to get back their deposit at the end of the tenancy. In Denmark, it’s up to landlords and tenants themselves to find a solution based on The Danish Rent Act (Lejeloven) which can be interpreted very differently from case to case. It’s therefore not surprising that most disagreements between landlords and tenants stem from the deposit.

Does LEJKA offer legal advice?

All registered users who protect their deposit with LEJKA have free access to help and legal advice from our professional team. In addition, we offer a growing selection of online articles, links, tips and guides about tenancy agreements, rent, maintenance, deposit etc. All articles are written by lawyers and experts with legal knowledge and many years’ experience in housing law. 

What happens if a dispute arises about the deposit?

If everything is in order at the end of the tenancy, we will pay back the deposit to the tenant. However, if the landlord can document neglect or damages, the deposit (or some of it) may be allocated to the landlord. The parties can agree to let LEJKA make an impartial decision based on the move-in report, images and other documentation. We will reach an indicative decision within 30 days, and this is free of charge for both landlord and tenant.

Is it safe to leave the deposit with LEJKA?

Yes, we guarantee that the deposit and prepaid rent (optional) is kept safely and ready to be paid back whenever landlord and tenant decide to end the tenancy. The protected funds are ensured by Nordea, and LEJKA is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Is LEJKA mainly on landlord’s or tenant’s side?

LEJKA is a neutral platform, and we don’t favour landlords or tenants. Our mission is to make it easy, safe and convenient to manage a tenancy relationship. Therefore, it’s crucial for us that both parties are treated equally and given the best service possible.

What are the future plans for LEJKA?

LEJKA has been launched in Denmark, but it’s our plan to expand to other countries and territories in the Nordic region and other parts of Europe.

Is LEJKA even legal?

Yes, LEJKA operates under Danish law and is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Will I get (or pay negative) interest from my deposit?

No, we don’t pay interest of the protected deposit. Likewise, we don’t charge any negative interest - no matter how long we keep the deposit and how many tenancies you have.

Am I forced to use LEJKA during the entire tenancy period?

No, we don’t have any lock-in period, and you may use LEJKA for as long as you like. If a landlord and a tenant decide to stop using our platform, we will pay back the deposit. In case of a dispute over the deposit, we will help resolve this. Please refer to our Terms of service.

Is your website available in other languages than Danish?

At the moment, is available in Danish, but it will shortly be launched in English, making it possible for non-Danish speaking users to navigate the site more easily.

Is it safe to keep my personal data with you?

Yes, data security is absolutely crucial for us. All information, including tenancy agreements, reports, documents, bank details, addresses and other personal details are stored on a secure server, and we comply with the rules of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How do I contact LEJKA?

You can write to LEJKA ApS, Jagtvej 157, 2200 København N or call us at +45 70 70 74 66. You are also welcome to send an email to (general queries) or (customer service and technical support).

On our website you can start a live conversation by clicking on the chat icon.

Can I follow LEJKA on social media?

Yes, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Which file types are supported for upload at My LEJKA?

It’s possible to upload files in the most common formats, including JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF and DOC. You can also upload short videos in formats such as MP4, MOV or MPEG. Each file may not exceed 25 MB in size, and the total size of all uploaded files is limited to 200 MB.

Who can access my uploaded documents and images?

All uploaded files are automatically shared between landlord and tenant. When you upload a file to a tenancy at My LEJKA, you should always keep in mind that the other party will be able to view and download the file. We will send you an email notification if new files are added.

Why am I unable to delete my uploaded files?

When you have uploaded a file to My LEJKA, it will automatically be shared with your landlord or tenant. In order to avoid unintended deletion of files, it’s not possible to delete files manually. If you wish to remove one or more files, please contact us for help.

How do I know that changes have been made to the tenancy?

If your counterpart (landlord or tenant) makes any changes to your tenancy at My LEJKA, we will automatically send you a notification via email. We recommend that you log into your account as soon as possible and review the details - it could be rent or contact details - as it may impact the conditions of the tenancy.