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We can review your lease contract!

A lease contract is complicated - let LEJKA help you for free!

✔ Experts within tenancy law

Easily done through phone

Comply with the tenancy law

✔ Avoid mistakes

Completely free lease contract

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Refer a user and receive 500 DKK

LEJKA is now offering 500DKK to everyone who refer a new user to our platform!

Do you want to help your family, friends or acquaintances get an easy and safe tenancy? The new user just need to create a complete account, and then you have to contact us. It’s a win-win situation.

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Tobias and Michelle

Tobias is renting out his flat to Michelle, and they decided to use LEJKA to manage all aspects of their tenancy relationship.

"It’s been a very positive experience for me as a landlord. I feel safe knowing that everything is handled correctly - especially the tenancy agreement," says Tobias. Michelle agrees:

"It was nice to have a third party to help with all the formal details. That makes me feel safe. Super fast response time!"

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We make renting safe and easy

Smart tools for the busy landlord and tenant

Our mission is to save you time and worries, and to give you a hassle-free tenancy relationship from start to finish.

LEJKA offers practical online tools which enable you to log in and manage your rental agreement, payments, documents, images and much more - no matter where you are.


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8.000 users

Thank you, landlords and tenants! Since we united the first tenancy in 2020, we’ve helped over 8000 users.

The fact that we are able to unite so many landlords and tenants is surreal. At LEJKA, we wake up to help you, and we’re only going back to bed when you have signed your lease contract.

Do you want to be the next to have an easy and safe tenancy?

Contact us today, at 70 70 74 66.

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Emil and Oscar

We asked users what they think about LEJKA

Emil rents out a room to Oscar, but doesn’t have time to learn all the legal aspects of tenancy agreements etc. Thankfully, he can now manage the entire tenancy relation with LEJKA.

Meet more LEJKA users over at our YouTube channel.


We guard the deposit for you

Our bank guarantee keeps your money safe

Most disagreements between landlords and tenants stem from the deposit. LEJKA protects the deposit for you, and we ensure a correct repayment at the end of your tenancy. 

We keep the deposit, and Nordea guarantees that it’s always available for disbursement. In case of disputes between the parties, we offer an impartial decision free of charge.


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What users say about LEJKA

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It’s been a very positive experience for me. I feel safe knowing that everything’s handled correctly - especially the tenancy agreement.

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It was nice to have an impartial third party to help with all the formal details. That really made me feel safe. Super fast response time!

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I’ve had mixed experiences with all the legal stuff in a tenancy relationship in the past. It’s not fun to waste endless hours on that kind of hassle. That's all in the past now. LEJKA is easy, smart and safe.

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Creating the tenancy agreement and move-in report was super easy. I received excellent help from the team at LEJKA, and they responded very quickly. That was a great reassurance for me.

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Free review of your lease contract

With a complete account, you can have your lease contract reviewed by phone with one of our experts.

The lease contract builds the foundation for the rest of the tenancy. If you’re not in control of the different conditions, especially the tenancy law and the housing regulation act, you’re tenancy can end up being very expensive and time consuming.

LEJKAs advisors can help you towards a hassle free tenancy, and it won't even cost you anything!

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